Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DC Week 31!

Hey family! How has everybody been this week?

It's been a crazy hectic week at the VC; and it makes me laugh because we are not even into Festival yet. Come December, it's really going to be a beehive. But I can't wait. 

My favorite days are the hard days. The kind of days that leave me drained. Physically. Spiritually. Emotionally. The days when I testified to everyone I met. The days when I listened to other's testimonies and cried because I knew I needed them as much if not more than they needed me. The days where I feel like I have nothing left in me to give. That's when I know I have done well in the eyes of my Heavenly Father. That's when I know I have served some small purpose for Him to help His children come back into the fold. Those are the days that leave impressions in our hearts. Those are the days that stick for a lifetime. 

This is a short email, I know. Just long enough to let you know the work is still moving along. It's truly the best in this world. And I would rather be no where else. 

Love you all.

Hermana Graff
Mormon 9:27  ~Wonder not, but hearken...

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