My Area

Washington D.C. North Mission

January 2013 - July 2014


The District's Flag


I will be located in our Nation’s Capital!  

My mission encompasses the District of Colombia, and extends from Germantown in the North, down to Lexington Park in the South. The mission boundaries remain within the state of Maryland, although it stretches as south as Virginia along the Chesapeake.


Washington D.C. Temple

My first mandate as a sister missionary in this mission, is my calling to serve at the Washington D.C. Temple Visitor's Center.

Washington D.C. Temple Visitor Center


In addition to my calling to serve at the Visitor Center, I am assigned various "areas" outside of Kensington throughout the duration of my 18 months here. It is in these surrounding regions where the rest of my time is spent proselyting.

Washington Monument from the Tidal Basin

On Preparation Days (one day a week), I will have the opportunity to explore the various sites and attractions within the boundaries of my mission.

Capitol Building

The Washington National Cathedral


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