Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DC Week 61!-- April 7, 2014

It's been a busy week. That's always a good sign right?

So I forgot to tell you. At the beginning of last week, Elder and
Sister Eyring asked if I would be one of the Visitor Center trainers.
Along with three other sisters from the mission, I have the
opportunity and privilege of working with the Eyrings, President, and
the assistants to plan how we can better Visitor Center, as well as
discuss the personal needs of each sister, including all transfer
decisions, (who would be best with who, etc). ...It also means that I
will be spending a lot more time in meetings and less in the field.
Having said that, I know that being a "trainer" does not fulfill my
"purpose as a missionary" but gives me the opportunity to help
Heavenly Father in a different aspect of this great work. It gives me
the chance to labor in another section of the Lords vineyard.

It's different.

It's different knowing everything. It's weird. Everything that used to
be "held back" or taboo, is suddenly on the table for discussion, and
in fact needs to be dealt with. Talked about. Silence will not do.
President wants all opinions to be voiced. He wants communication. He
wants execution. He wants to see progress.

I know that even though my initial response to the Eyrings when they
approached me on the floor of the VC was, "Are you sure?" I trusted
The Lord that He knew what He was doing.

Not sure how much I will personally be able to offer in this new
position, but nonetheless, here I am. And I'm ready to work.

So having shared that, on Tuesday of last week, Sister Smith (one of
the other trainers, and a dear friend of mine, as we came out at
roughly the same time and have served our missions "neck-and-neck" so
to speak) were requested by President and Sister Cooke to join them
and the assistants in picking up the new missionaries at the airport.
So we metro-ed to Ronald Regan (outside the mission in Virginia) and
stood with smiles as our newest editions to the Washington D.C. North
mission stepped out of the gate. What fun! They all looked so eager.
Tired. Nervous. Excited. Ready. Reminded me of that first day I
entered "the field" not 14 short months ago.

Again, weird.

After gathering all their belongings, it was off to the temple for
pictures, and then to the mission home for dinner and testimonies. As
we got ready to leave, President asked if Sister Smith and I would be
willing to stay at the airport by ourselves to greet our last little
missionary (a visa waiter for Brazil, who's flight had been delayed).
Then to head straight to the mission home for the rest of the evening.

No big deal right? It's not like we were outside of mission
boundaries, right? In an unfamiliar airport (I flew into Dulles). With
a brand new sister who would be depending 100% on our navigational
skills. Ha. We laughed, and replied, "Sure, why not!"

The night ran smoothly. With a load of help from Heavenly Father, we
made it in time for dinner on good ol' Quail Run Drive, and ended up
having a wonderful evening! There was a sweet spirit of nostalgia as I
listened to the testimonies of these new missionaries. So much fire.
So much love. I was reminded again of why I am here. I was reminded
also of all the work I still have left to do. It was good for me. I
think I'm going to really relish these last 11 weeks.

Love you family. I have a testimony that when we put our trust in The
Lord, He extends our capabilities and capacities far beyond what we
may have thought our limits were. Believe. And Become.

Hermana Graff
Alma 26:12

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