Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DC Week 68!!-- June 2, 2014

On Wednesday, I got to go back to White Oak on exchanges!! There's
something sweet about returning to your first area on the mission.
Sister Chapman and I had some pretty good times, and some pretty
awesome miracles. (Remind me when I'm home and I'll share a funny
story about how a couple of young homeowner guys saved us from a
pretty intensely passionate French 7th Day Adventist. It was
hilarious). Anyway, at the end of the night, the biggest miracle of
all (for me) was getting to see the Kortu's again! It had been over a
year! I can't describe to you the way my heart leapt when I saw Kady's
reaction upon seeing me at the door. We embraced like the best of
friends, and I never wanted to let go! The kids totally remembered me,
and just glommed onto me the whole evening! I never knew I could know
such love. Such love for people I didn't even know a few years ago.
They have been coming back to church this whole time, and still have
some work to do, but I know one day they will be an eternal family.

Friday evening at the Visitor Center, I had a random experience with
Sister Holland, one of the other sisters here. We had encountered a
pretty rough looking fellow with a pretty persistent and prying
attitude toward the church. He demanded to be shown around, so we took
him to the prophet wall in the back. He would ask a question, and
before we could fully answer it, he would ask another and another,
trying to throw us off, as well as the spirit. Well we couldn't do
anything more than wait patiently while he ranted, and then testify.
When we could. After about 15 minutes, poor Sister Holland just looked
like she was sweating bullets. But she stood strong and just testified
her heart out. I was so proud of her. After an eternity, our friend
turned to us, and said, "Well done." Haha. I knew something was up. I
had wondered why I wasn't so scared or nervous, and was starting to
think I was finally getting the "hang of things". Nope. I'm not that
lucky haha. He was baptized back in '87. It was all an act. He faked
his membership. Totally threw us. Well, after allowing us to get over
the initial shock, he then relayed his whole life story to us in under
five minutes. Pretty sure our jaws were hanging open a little by the
end. It's too long to explain here. Just remind me and I'll tell you
in more detail later. What we did learn that night, was that the
forces we are up against are real. Satan is just as existent as
Heavenly Father. As is his power. However the only thing their power
has in common is it's ability to influence us. You see: Satan can only
have us is we give our selves to him. Likewise for Heavenly Father. He
can only have us if we give ourselves to Him. Tony Moreno helped us to
understand our crucial role as Later-Day Saints. It was cool.

Saturday, I called some Elders out of our mission to confirm their
tour appointment for that afternoon:

"Oh well, Hi Sister Graff! Your Uncle is going to be the member
present in our lesson at he VC today. We are actually on our way from
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia right now!"

That was not the response I had expected, but I figured, that works!
Haha. So Yes, I did get to see Mark and Marci and the kids, and it was
cool to be able to testify to them and their recent convert. I also
got to talk to his wife in Portuguese a little. Well, I mean, I could
understand it, and then she could understand my EspaƱol so it worked!
She was a sweetheart. Then after too short a time, they all headed
out. It's been such a blessing to have them so close this last year
and a half. I've loved it :)

Sunday, I bore my testimony in church for the last time out here. It
felt good. Felt good to have some closure with that special branch. I
love DC 1st. Love it. Everyone just came up to me afterwards and
kissed me and hugged me. I was a mess, haha. Nope, in case you haven't
wondered, I haven't changed much in that aspect. What made my day, was
sitting down from bearing my testimony, and seeing Jose Cruz walking
up to bear his own. He began to speak, and then lost it. He shared
about how his life would be totally different with out the Gospel in
it, how he'd been lost, but then found again, and publicly thanked us
in front of everyone. I was probably a nice shade of pink, but also
beaming at the same time.

The miracles just keep coming don't they?
Love you guys.

Sister Graff
Moroni 7:36-37

1. And I took the road less traveled by :)
2. Personal study in the woods by the temple.
3. The Kortu Gang!
4. Tony Moreno. His eyes were closed haha.
5. Zone Activity. Most intense game of capture the flag EVER.
Paint/water balloon war in the woods. I barely survived....

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