Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DC Week 67!-- May 19, 2014

Family. We meet again.
So I contemplated sending a copy of Elder Tavana's email home to you guys:

All is well. Have a good week.
Your Son."

But decided against it. I'm not an Elder. Haha.

This week was so cool!

On Monday, we had a 4:30 am start to beat the sunrise into the city.
Then went to the Holocaust Museum. Very moving...totally worth it.

Tuesday, Sister Hansen and I "heart-attacked" Alicia's door with
Christ-like attributes she has, accompanied with scriptures, and left
her a Book of Mormon with our testimonies in it. She is our
investigator. Just turned 12. She's amazing.

On Wednesday, we had transfers. We're sticking it out one last
transfer together, my Little Dane and I. It's gunna be a good one, we
can tell.

Thursday, was a VC day. Got a lot done. Left in the late afternoon to
head into the area. Checked on a lot of people. No one answered.
That's okay. Got some street contacts. The Lord was aware of our
efforts, and that was good enough for us.

Friday it rained. A lot. Even for Maryland. Flash flood warnings all
day. I love storms. The Irony: We ran in in it for exercise. Literally
through a river (which used to be the road)! Felt good to get wet.
Arrived back in the apartment (completely soaked through) to hear the
callout from the APs: Stay indoors until further notice. We got a good
laugh about that. Later, I gave two workshops. One for all the sisters
to present our new VC theme for the transfer: Fear Not. There was a
sweet spirit in the main theater. We all needed it. The second one was
in front of President and Sister Cooke, the APs, the Zone Leaders, and
all the District Leaders in the mission for a Leadership Training
Meeting. That went well too. God was with us.

On Saturday, we were privileged to hear from an apostle of The Lord.
Elder Ballard came and spoke to us at our DC Stake center for a
multi-mission conference with the DC South and Baltimore missions.
What a special experience. I took many notes. I know he is a man of
God, and believe in modern revelation. More on that later.

Sunday. Haha oh Sundays. Always crazy. We checked on about four people
before church, trying to get them out. Two promised they would. No one
came. But, at church, Jose Cruz received his new calling from the
bishop: He's a ward missionary. Very fitting, as he has just come back
into activity. He was beaming. And it was suddenly all worth it.
Nothing else mattered. That night at "Why I Believe" Melanie and
Anthony Trujillo came. They are our other recent converts.
It was a sweet ending to an even sweeter week.

Well let me tell you something you already know: This Church is true.
It is real. I know it. I know it. I know it.

Love you guys. Don't forget to be happy :) The world needs it.
Sister Graff

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