Monday, June 16, 2014

DC Week 69!-- June 9, 2014

It's weird. On this mission, I have gained a testimony of something
very un-ordinary. Something you wouldn't think anyone could have a
testimony of. Well I do. I have a testimony of dropping people.

Over the course of these last 18 months, I have been through multiple
companions, experiences, relationships. I have fought many fights, and
I have met and said goodbye to many wonderful people. People that have
truly become like my family. Friends. Brothers. Sisters. I have come
to realize that our purpose is to help these children of God find
their place in this world. And in eternity. To help them receive the
restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. If after we have done all we can do,
they still exercise their agency to choose otherwise, then we must
step back and let go, and let God. Let God work with them in ways we
never could. It then becomes our duty to allow them the time to feel
that absence of light in their lives in order to measure the ever
present difference in spirit. I have come to understand that in almost
every case, this small and often times painful step, is necessary for
a true conversion. And, I have come to be okay with it.

The reason being, because I know, as stated by Maria VonTrapp:
"Whenever God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window." I know that
when one particular individual hits that roadblock to progression,
another, (perhaps more ready to "move on") discovers the sweetness of
our message and is placed in our path with expectations from on high
to be coached along that road. That's where we come in. They cannot
progress if we are not there willing and waiting to receive them. We
must constantly be aware of those unexpected, unplanned moments where
God trustingly places such a precious spirit in our hands. And we must
be willing to let others go to focus on the elite.

Every single one of us need to be converted to this gospel. We cannot
merely slip into heaven riding on the coat-tails of another's
testimony, no matter how strong. It simply cannot be. We must have our

I know God is aware of every single one of His children. No one is
forgotten. No one falls through the cracks. I have a testimony of this
great work, and that in time, everyone will have the same opportunity
to partake of eternal life, and live.

Love you, family.

Sister Graff
D&C 18:15-16

Pictures: Had to say goodbye to this beautiful family. They are
amazing, but need some more time to figure things out. The only way
Sister Hansen and I were gunna leave them, was if we could be certain
they were in good Hands. And we know they are. In time their family
will be an eternal one.

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