Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DC Week 57-- March 10, 2014

Miracle week...

Sister Hansen and I picked up three new investigators! (A mother and
her two daughters). So awesome. They are amazing, and we were led
right to them.

I wish that we as missionaries focused more on the family aspect of
this work. The gospel is not just for one individual here, and another
there. Don't get me wrong, those stories always seem to be the most
striking to me, (you know what I'm talking about. The one strong
family member who had enough courage to take a leap of faith and try
something new. Well, not only try it, but accept a whole new way of
life. A whole new beautiful and unique perspective on eternity. I mean
that's exactly what happened with Grandma Roxie! And I will never
cease to be amazed at the bravery and determination of such
individuals...) But how much easier would it have been for them if
they didn't have to do it alone...? If the whole family decided to
take that leap....and march that journey...together? I firmly believe
that this will quickly become the new focus of missionary work. Well,
actually I think it always has been...we may just seem to miss that
perspective at times. I've fallen into that trap for sure. It can be
so easy to latch onto the ONE investigator you have, investing all
your hope and energy in them as you strive with all diligence to help
them progress towards baptism...because you know it will make them
happy...All the while, who falls on the wayside? Family members.
Friends. Loved-ones. And yet...we preach of the promises of eternal
families. Tad ironic to me. I just want to do MY best to change that
mentality in missionaries. Yes. It is important to find "the one".
However...think of the possible joy that could be found if the focus
changed from baptizing "the one" to baptizing FAMILIES... Hasn't that
always been the goal of our Heavenly Father? I think so. So I think
I'll try it. We'll try it. Then I'll follow up with you, ok?

Sure love you family. I know we ARE forever. And what a beautiful
thing it is. It is beautiful.

Sister Graff.

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