Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DC Week 56!-- March 3

Hey family!

Happy Birthday to Grandma and Carrie last week! And to Big Rob this
week!! Fun times, must mean spring is coming!! ;) You wouldn't believe
it out here though. We woke up to a white Christmas in March. Got the
callout from the Assistants last night that "Storm Titan" was headed
for DC today. We figured it was sort of a big deal, since they decided
to name it. This is like our seventh snow day we've had in the last
several months, but we are choosing to have fun and make the most of
it :) #howtobeamissionaryindoors? #thestruggleisreal

Hermana Hansen and I have had some good times this last week! So one
of my most recent discoveries, and to my dismay, is that I can now
apparently ramble in Spanish. Never thought the day would come. Oh how
I long for simpler days when all I could say was "Se que Jesucristo es
mi Salvador." Now, unfortunately I have gotten into the habit of going
off on tangents about Kolob and Shiz and other fun doctrines of no
importance to our investigators. Okay. Maybe that was a slight
exaggeration, but I have to really focus to keep the conversation
gospel centered and on topic. It's really easy for Hispanics to change
the subject. (About as easy as it is for Robert to say "YES!" to a
video game marathon). Well, it's been a fun challenge anyway.

We have also been getting to know the area really well! Mostly due to
getting lost. Actually the other day, we had a dinner appointment with
a member who lives outside of our boundaries, but still attends our
ward. Well since our area is the closest to her, we got the lucky
invite to dinner, (which would have gone so much more smoothly if we
had been on time). Even leaving an hour in advance, we did not achieve
punctuality. <<<Not sure why I went medieval on you all there. Anyway,
moving on in ENGLISH now. Long story short, between my navigational
skills, and my companion being new to the area, our luck was a tad on
the short side. And I believe that even sometimes, Heavenly Father
just shakes His head and chuckles at us, as we take the necessary time
we need to figure things out. Not that He was removing Himself from
the situation, or feeding us to the wolves (or in this case Hermana
Wooton) but one thing's for sure, we learned those roads like the
Title Page of The Book of Mormon. And despite the delightful
chastening we got upon arriving (just imagine rubbing sandpaper on a
nice sunburn) we were still able to deliver our spiritual thought on
patience. Yeah...we didn't plan that too we'll either. #irony #ourlife

Needles to say, we ended up walking into our apartment that night
smelling like salmon and guilt. The dinner was good though!

Moral of the story?
1. Live and learn.
2. A GPS is always a good investment.

Love you family! Make it a good week, and don't forget to eat your
fruits and veggies!

Sister Graff
"Man's extremity is God's opportunity."

PS--Random thought: Had a nightmare that Adam forgot my name :( Good
thing that would NEVER HAPPEN, right?? Just checking :)

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