What is an LDS Mission?

Saturday, September 15, 2012 

Serving a mission gives our church members the opportunity to dedicate a portion of their lives to sharing the gospel with the world.

Youth, as well as elderly couples have this option.  Seniors act as companions and usually serve for two years.  Young men have the opportunity to leave at 18, girls at 19.  Men serve for two years, girls eighteen months.

This is a very recent change in the church.  Up until the October 2012 LDS General Conference, men  left at 19, girls at 21.  This new announcement does not require youth to leave at these ages, but rather offers a unique opportunity for those who wish.  Young women have never been expected to serve, like young men; however are welcomed as they desire.

Since this amendment, the missionary numbers of those submitting their papers has sky-rocketed on an exponential scale.  The projected number of Latter-Day Saint missionaries in 2020 is expected to be near 90,000.

Why would so many youth put their lives on hold at such a crucial time, to simply share a message?

The answer is simple.  When individuals find truth, there is an innate yearning within to declare it.

So is the case for these youth.  We have found something sweet.  Something beautiful.  Something priceless.  We have a pure knowledge of divine things, and therefore only want others to have the opportunity to partake of it also.

When serving a mission, youth and elderly couples alike, submit to be willing to go anywhere in the world... To live the culture, learn the language, love the people, and teach the gospel.

My good friend Kenz.  Sierra Leone, Africa.

They temporarily say goodbye to friends and family, communicating to them mainly through letters and mail parcels.  There is a certain focus in the "mission field" that cannot be found anywhere else, or under any other circumstances.

Missionaries are given certain blessings and ordinances before leaving.  This sacred process not only prepares, but protects.

In the Bible, we read Christ's words:

"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto me."   Matt 25:40

The Least of These

There is a great work to do...We are simply instruments in His hands.  

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