Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DC Week 67- Supplement

Miracle update!

1. I was at the VC Saturday evening, and right at closing, a man
approached me behind the counter. I recognized him from earlier. He
had been talking to Sister Leben in German for like an hour.

Well he spotted my name tag and muttered, "Graff..."

To which I replied with a smile, "Yep! That's my name," as I hastily
scribbled down the next days schedule.

"That's a Swiss name." He said.

I looked up at him and smiled, "Yeah it is. My family came from a
small town in Switzerland called--"

"St. Gallen," He finished my sentence.

"...Yeah..." I then responded with a bigger smile now growing on my
face. (I was so grateful I had brushed up on my family history last
week to know that, haha!)

Shocked, he told me that he was related to the same family line! I
noticed the excitement and puzzled look on his face, as he seemed to
plead, "How??"

I answered his unspoken question by explaining that my Great Great
Great Grandfather was Johann Jacob Graf. He was the one to first come
to America. From him, came Charles Jacob, Charles Theodore, Charles
Terry, and my own father.

"Well then you know what? That makes us third cousins!!" He shouted with joy.

(There was now a respectable amount of people, missionaries and senior
couples gathering at the front desk watching our little interaction.
All of who seemed to giggle as they observed our most unexpected
discovery). I couldn't believe it. Just when I though the world
couldn't get any smaller.

Well the time was short so we didn't exchange all the details yet, but
did manage to exchange emails. I will be keeping in touch with good
ol' Jim North.

Before I could leave, I turned to find him making his way around the
front desk, and then behind the front desk to give me the biggest,
squeeziest, most unexpected (and slightly awkward) hug of my life,
hahaha! Everyone just began to laugh out loud! And I was about as red
as a sunburn strawberry in the middle of summer. I hadn't hugged a man
since last fall when that Turkish man tried to kiss me. But Jim simply
said, "Ohhh, we're FAMILY!" :)

We said goodnight, and I went to bed that night with a newfound
testimony of doing Family History.

2. I saw a baby fawn with Sister Hansen on our morning jog this
morning. It came right up to us. So curious. Mom just watched from
afar in the woods. It was such a small little wobbly thing. Reminded
me of how I may have felt at the beginning of my mission. Possibly a
little unsure of myself or the steps I was taking. Always aware of my
Heavenly Parents watching me. Supporting me. Protecting me. All this
built up energy, but no idea how to control or channel it. I may have
even face planted a time or two. However, I also knew that with just a
little time, and some effort...all of that would begin to change. And
it has. It's amazing how God knows us so well. He didn't need to send
me a lecture, or a sermon. Just a baby deer. He knew I would figure
out the subliminal message. He knew I would get it.

So that's it for this week. Go out and find the little miracles God
sends you. Love you family! Make it a good one.

Sister Graff

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