Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DC Week 60!-- March 31, 2014

I love the variety of forms, missionary work can take.

Last week, on Sunday, Hermana Gamez (the Relief Society President)
came up to me and my companion, and asked us if we would be willing to
dress up in 1800's attire and come help out at the Relief Society
activity that Saturday in honor of it's anniversary in the church.
We're always looking for "ways" to help out, and so of course, we said
we would. Well, what we didn't know was that upon arrival...

Hermana Gamez immediately approached me and handed me my "name tag"
and "script" and began hastily explaining how the evening was to go
(all in Spanish of course). I nonchalantly glanced down at the name
tag in my hand while still trying to listen to what she was telling
me. My heart about skipped a beat. "Emma Smith", it read. "WHAT did I
agree to??" I thought to myself, as I eagerly smiled back at her. When
she bustled off to go prepare food for the evening I looked over at
Hermana Hansen, who had somehow managed to evade such a role. We
quickly exchanged fake congratulations, and then began scrambling to
use the five minutes we had left before "the performance"
to...uh...get ready? I guess?

It all turned out great, by the way. Heavenly Father helped out a lot.
As I stood at the front of that tiny room, reciting my "lines" and
looking out at all those sweet sisters, it was super cool (and a
little funny) to see them all gathered in their "authentic" dresses
and bonnets to celebrate such a day. Kinda sweet to see how far this
organization has come in just a few short centuries. (Especially with
Women's Conference the other night as well). Anyway, amidst all the
cheesiness and my personal battle to withhold a giggle, I did think in
that moment, Emma would be proud :)

Family, I have a testimony of service. I know that it has the ability
to soften hearts and open doors. I also know, that if the Relief
Society president comes to you with a favor, never assume that it will
be to weed a garden or fold laundry, because she will most definitely
be expecting you to take a lead role in a language that is not your
first :)

Let's make it a good one! Love you!

Hermana Graff
Sent from my iPad in DC :)

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