1. Tornado and flash flood warning...
 2. ...
3. ...
4. Brusters! Went on exchanges with Sister Balls. Homemade ice cream made fresh daily. I got a scoop of "Grahm Central Station".
 5. Pagie, Love her.
6. Eating banana cupcakes from the Clarks while tracting. Not as good as Grandma's.

 7. The former "Sister Farley". She served here when Grandpa and Grandma were Mission Presidents. Sweet story. Her father actually passed away about three months before she went home...Grandpa was the one to inform her of it.  They had been out for about six months at the time. 
8. Jordyn! She's getting baptized on the 9th!
 1. Zone activity!
 2. So. Humid.

1. Hermana Blasco (de Espana) and Sister Smith
 2. The east doors.
 3. ...
 4. Sister Nakasuka!
 5. ...
 6. Hermana Word
 7. ...
8. "Bleeding Love"
 9. ...
1. Go Nats!!
2. ~
3. Say, “QUESO!!”
4. Hermana Word.
5. Hermana Clement.
6. President and Sister Matsumori supporting the team!
7. ~

8. Looking a little sun-kissed and tired after the game.
9. ~

10. Deer in the headlights.

11. Zoo round 2.
12. Flamingos.
13. Flying eagles.
14. ~

15. Wear your sundae best!

16. We attended Lanelle Clark’s baptism, (a member family’s daughter). Well I get to talking with her grandmother, Sherry Ward (to the right of me), and she sees my nametag and says to me, “Graff….I knew a Graff once in Oklahoma.”  I began searching the genealogical depths of my dusty brain and just couldn’t think of any Graff’s that had ever lived in that part of the U.S.  Right as I began to put the pieces together in my mind, she asked if I ever knew a “Terry Graff”.  I smiled, realizing then that Grandpa Graff had served in the “Central States Mission”, which at the time covered a massive chunk of that general area.  I delightedly informed her that he was my grandfather, and she then commenced to tell me her mother’s conversion story, and that after years and years of lessons and rejections and repeated discussions… was “Elder Graff” who had been the last missionary to teach and ultimately, baptize her. What a neat encounter!! She was thrilled to meet his oldest granddaughter, and after getting my first name, called her mother, Virginia Stevenson, (who is still very active) to inform her of the exciting news. (She confided in me later that she actually went on a few dates with Grandpa after he returned from his mission, and apparently had her eye on him for a time.) Truthfully, I’m glad he picked the “cool-cat” gal from Mesa, Arizona! Heavenly Father sure showers us with tender mercies doesn’t He?

17. “Little John” :)

18. Abdulai’s baptism!

19. Sister Lawrence had to go...

20. The Sarpong family and their newest little edition, Gabriel.

21. Goodbye Sister Lawrence!

 22. Rachel!—A good friend of mine from Rexburg years. Soon to be “Sister Boody”! She reports to the MTC on May 8th, going to Peru.

1. Tulips...
 2. The Kortu Clan!

 3. After lunch at the Eyrings.

 4. Church. 


5. Goodbye Cardalls, we'll miss you!

1. Good Morning DC.
2. Back for more sunrise pictures!
3. They bloomed just for us!
4. Cherry blossoms...
5. The Pacific states...
6. WWII Memorial.
7. Chillin’ by the Tidal Basin.
8. Love her.
9. Looked like something out of Tangled.
 10. ...
11. Roosevelt Memorial.
12. Perfect Day.
13. Looking out at the Jefferson Memorial.
14. Hope Diamond. 45.52 carats. This is for you, Mama J.
15. Inside the Natural History Museum.
1. Don’t forget...
2. The center of Washington D.C.
3. Inside the Rotunda of the Capitol.
4. Hall of Statuaries. Look familiar?
5. Bits from the Berlin Wall.
6. Sister Lin wanted to be in the picture!
7. “Riding on the metro-o-o!"
8. Going up!
9. Oh, it caaame! :)
10. Peeps from my Peeps!
11. She didn’t believe there was one for her too...
12. “Sister Lawrence! SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!"
13. My Island Princess :)
14. fra-GEE-layy
1. Ours is better.
 2. Call me Jane.
  3. Zoo!
Specialized Training back from February.
(3/25/13) No one knows why or how...but look how pretty!! :)
The one and only Amy Perkins :) It was wonderful to catch up on life and future/etc...What a treat to see her :) (3/16/13)
1. After singing at Night of Music and Inspiration.
2. Sunrise pictures at the Lincoln Memorial.
3. My so-excited-to-be-a-missionary jump :)
4. The man himself.
5. Good morning!
6. Gettysburg address.
7. ...
8. Getting creative.
9. Love her!
10. '91. The year of the ram! Woohoo!
  1. (3/6/13) Zone activity!
2. (2/12/13) Our first day in the Mission! Leaving the airport.
3. (2/12/13) Temple pic with the new arrivals.
4. (2/12/13) Mission tradition: Lunch at IHOP the first day with President and his wife. 

5. (2/12/13) Dinner at the mission home our first night.
6. (3/1/13) Vietnamese! 
7. (3/1/13) The ambiance...of "PHO AN"
1. (2/22) Temple Trip! 
2. (2/22) Foggy day...
3. German Chocolate, Yum!
4. (2/22) Left over icecream with some of the Sisters: Lawrence (Guam), Wankier (Utah), Kaarma (Estonia)
5. (2/23) Mormon/Baptist Choir night at the VC...
 6. (2/23) Howie
1. Sister Lawrence had never been inside a car wash before :)(2/20/13)
2. Chinese candy from the Noodle King.(2/20/13)
3. My room!(2/20/13)
4. Home sweet home.(2/20/13)
 5. Kitchen.(2/20/13)
6. Not much to see from the balcony, but I've never had a balcony before, so naturally, I love it. (2/20/13)
7. The work zone :)(2/20/13)
1. On the way to Temple Square for VC training (2/9/13)
2. Sister Katelynn Hoyt serving at Temple Square. We roomed up at BYUI my 3rd semester. (2/9/13)
3. My good friend Sister Eryn Anderson! I finally found her on my last day in the MTC.  She's serving in the Italy, Rome Mission. (2/10/13)
 1. Laundry adventures. (2/2/13)
2. Happy faces. (2/3/13)
3. Last temple walk with the District. (2/3/13)

4. Sunday Devotional. (2/3/13)
5. We like to laugh.  A lot. (2/4/13)
6. The World Map. (2/5/13)

7. Saying goodbye to the Virginia Sisters. (2/5/13)

8. Ran into Kaitlin Lamb! She was volunteering. (2/6/13) 

1. Walking out after our Saturday session. (1/26/13)
2. We both discovered we had pockets :) (1/27/13)
3. Our Elders decided to photo-bomb our pic.  Definitely made it better. (1/27/13)
4. Sunday temple walk. (1/27/13)
5. Our awesome district. (1/27/13)
6. Elders from our zone. Elder Olive (pronounced "Oh-LEE-vay". Tongan. And the biggest teddy bear on earth.) and Elder Hitesman.  Both serving Richmond, VA. They rock. (1/27/13) 
Sister Graff and her companion Sister Garrick in front of the Provo temple. (1/20/13)
This is a picture of our district from our temple walk on Sunday. (1/20/13)
This is a picture of our district from our temple walk on Sunday. (1/20/13)
Sister Graff and her companion Sister Garrick in front of the Provo temple. (1/20/13)
After the farewell.(12/30/12)

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  1. Sister Graff,
    We are so proud of you and really love looking through your blog. Your Grandpa Keith and Grandma Roxie and I work at the San Diego Temple on Friday mornings and try to keep up with you missionaries. It is so good to see Sister Carly Graff following in your footsteps. We miss her at the Temple.

    Love, the Hilliards