Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DC Week 64!-- May 1, 2014

Okay. Three days late, but here goes. (President gave permission to
email our families this week, because all those departing soon had a
planned trip to Arlington Cemetery all day on Monday. More on that

So Saturday--no, I must go back further.

So, in December, I contacted this guy--Rosalio--at a nearby metro
station. He was golden. Well, then transfers happened, and I was the
worst missionary in the history of life, and lost his information. I
know. SO bad. I felt horrible. But that's okay, because last week I
was going through my old planners, and lo and behold, a miracle
happened. I found his info which I had hastily scribbled down in the
back! So naturally, I called the number--he answered--and we set up an
appointment at McDonalds for Saturday evening (at his suggestion).

Upon arriving, we discovered McDonalds was closed for cleaning. (When
does that ever happen? I mean really). Heavenly Father was helping us
create an "atmosphere for conversion" so we discussed some options,
and when Rosalio finally arrived, we decided to go for a walk. In the
rain. (Actually it was more drippy than rainy. Like thick mist). It
turned out to be the perfect setting. As we walked. We talked. And
taught. We had a new comp goal to practice asking more inspired
questions during lessons instead of simply spewing out information at
them. So we tried it. And, guess what? It worked! He opened up.
Rosalio just moved to the states from Honduras about four months ago
(so like when I first met him). And he talked about how much he misses
his country, and how his family means everything to him. We began to
steer the conversation towards the Restoration of the Gospel. We would
ask a question: "¿Cree que Dios podría revelar aún más de su palabra
hoy en día?" "¿Ha pensado en porque hay tantas iglesias en el mundo
hoy?" We would pass a church or two as we walked (you don't need to
cover that much space here in Maryland to see at least several
denominations--even walking) and gesture to it, asking: "¿Cómo piensa
que podamos saber cual iglesia es la correcta?" O, "¿Cómo podamos
encontrar la iglesia que tiene toda la verdad?" We taught of Christ.
We taught about the establishment of His church while He was on
earth...and then how it was lost. Then "[...] as a diamond displayed
on black velvet appears more brilliant, so [our introduction to the
need for a Restoration of Christ's church in its fullness stood] in
striking contrast to the dark background of the Great Apostasy" (PMG
36). It was perfect. God was with us, as we then stopped walking, and
turned to face him directly. All noise seemed to stop. When in every
other first lesson I've had on my mission, there had been babies
crying, cars honking, tv's was silent. And Hermana Hansen
recited to him in perfect Spanish and spirit, the first vision. You
could see the recognition on his face. He got it. He understood. There
was no mistaking it. Then the question:

"¿Rosalio...cree que José Smith era un profeta...llamado por Dios?"

And the undoubting, unmistakable answer: "Si."

We turned around and began heading back, (walking a good quarter mile
of it in silence, allowing the spirit to work on resonate
with his spirit that this was all too familiar...that he'd heard it
before). Now, we wouldn't be missionaries, if we didn't invite.
Another goal we have in our mission directly from president, is to
invite all to be baptized on the first lesson. I began to set up the
scene for my companion to pop that final question that would make it
all count. I asked if he loved Christ, and always wanted to follow

"Si," was the reply.

I explained that baptism is one of those ways we demonstrate our faith
to be disciples of Christ at all times and in all things and in all
places. It is also that first step that we take to becoming eligible
for Salvation. He agreed.

"Entonces," I said as I nudged Hermana Hansen, "tenemos una más
pregunta para usted."

It was so perfect. "The transition would be seamless!" I thought to
myself as I smiled and watched my companion. She paused. For a really
long time. We had stopped walking by now and I could begin to see the
McDonald's sign popping out over the trees. I looked at her to try to
read any signs of fear or hesitation. Nothing. She was just looking
back at him, a small smile beginning to spread on her face.

"Did she understand my idea?" I began wondering to myself. "How is
Rosalio taking this?" "What is she thinking?" "What is she going to
say?" "IS she going to say something?" "Anything??" Finally, words.
But not what I was expecting. No. Not the classic opening line of:
"Seguirá el ejemplo de Jesucristo y ser bautizado...etc." No. What I
heard next was completely different, and actually kind of amazing.

"Rosalio," she began, "¿que cree USTED que puede hacer de mostrar su
amor por Cristo, y su deseo de seguirle siempre?"

"Oh my gosh," I thought to myself, "she completely turned it around!"
Now I understood. Now we were on the same page. She was allowing HIM
to figure it out HIMSELF. What a little genius. And I didn't even tell
her to do that! I was so proud. Simply beaming. Well when she
finished, we both looked at Rosalio.

"Pues...parece que tengo que ser bautizado." Came the response.

"Entonces," she began again, "seguirá el ejemplo de Jesucristo, y ser
bautizado por alguien quién posea la autoridad del Sacerdocio de

"Por su puesto."

We were elated!! He's got a tentative date for June 1st. We will
continue to work with him these next several weeks toward that goal.
Well, after bidding him goodnight, the drive home felt like we were on
clouds. Heavenly Father had allowed us, to play a small part in this
miracle. He had trusted us with one of His children. And we were able
to be used! It was the best feeling in the world.

Family each one of us have this really cool gift. It's a gift from
God, to every one of His children who are willing to enter into a
covenant with Him. You may have heard of it before. It's called: The
Gift of the Holy Ghost. This is so special. And the best part is, it
works!! Use it! Listen to it. Listen to the Spirit. Don't doubt. Don't
hesitate. Just do. Just act. Act with faith, and be amazed at what
miracles can come from it.

I love you! I know Heavenly Father lives. This is His work. It can't
be frustrated.
Remember: Two people can do long as one of them is God.

Until Monday (cause let's face it, that's like a few days away now haha).
Sister Graff

Sent from my iPad in DC :)

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