Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DC Week 58-- March 18, 2014

Hello again! Man the weeks just fly...

Well sorry about not being about to shoot out an email yesterday. We
got the call from the APs on Sunday night that P-day was switched to
today. Who knows why? Maybe this last snowstorm had something to do
with it. Whatever the reason, here we are.

Ok, so quick story time! I have two. We'll start with the one that
happened like five minutes ago:

Sister Hansen and I had just gotten downstairs to the lobby, (to send
our family emails) when we saw some of our other fellow sisters pull
right up to the front door and start unloading groceries. Seeing one
of them climb out with a cast on her leg, and the other with countless
bags in her hands, we dropped what we were doing, and ran out to help
them carry all the stuff up to their apartment on the seventh floor.
While Sister Croese (from The Netherlands) stayed behind to help
Sister Bertholon (from Tahiti), we grabbed the groceries and headed up
in the elevator by ourselves to drop off the stuff outside the door
for them. Well, while attempting to juggle everything, one of the
gallons of milk slipped and crashed to the floor, breaking in two, and
sending a white wave of cow juice all over our shoes and feet. We
stood there for about five seconds, moping/surveying the damage, and
then began bursting into fits of laughter. There was no saving any of
it. The moment to act was gone. It was just gone, haha! Right along
with the milk and our shoes and our egos.

Well, so that's not all. We had this mess to clean up/try to hide
before the Sisters showed up, and we also wanted to "make restitution"
so that we could sleep well tonight, and so we ran to our apartment on
the sixth floor and grabbed our almost full gallon of milk (which we
had just bought, not an hour earlier) and upon returning to the
seventh floor, found their door not only unlocked, but slightly open.
Kicking it all the way open with my foot, I ran in with two bags of
groceries and a carton of eggs and dropped it all off on the kitchen
table. Than ran back to the door, and got the gallons of milk from
Sister Hansen and put them with the rest of the stuff. Surveying my
handy work, and making sure everything was spick and span, we began to
run down the hall to the elevator again when we saw the sisters clear
down at the other end of the hall yelling something to us.

"Whaaat??!" We hollered back.

"We're on this end of the buildinggg!" They shouted. "This siiide!!"

After, standing there stupidly for now the second time in five
minutes, and soaking in what we just heard, we responded sheepishly:

All we heard from the other end of the hall was laughter.

We couldn't believe it. We had, unknowingly, "broken into" the Elders
apartment. Guys, that's like uncharted waters. Like who knows what the
heck you would find in there! (Come to think of it I did think the
giant, bent, metal "stop" sign on the living room floor seemed out of
place for a sister's apartment). And we just broke about seven rules
from the white handbook, without even knowing it. Well you've heard
that ignorance is bliss. At this point, I was no longer "ignorant". My
"eyes had been opened", and I guess you could say that because I now
had this "knowledge", I couldn't just go waltzing back in there to
retrieve our edible hostages, you see?? Well, sister Croese saw it
differently. More like a "getting-the-ox-out-of-the-mud" situation. I
love her so much haha!

After several trips, and a few more side pains from uncontrollable
laughter, we made our way (once again) back down the long hall with
our proud possessions in hand. When we finally dropped off the stuff,
and bid our fellow sisters adieu, (they thanked us for our more than
helpful service rendered), Sister Hansen and I made our way back down
to the first floor to notify the custodian, and then to the bench
where I now sit, typing you this pointless email :)

Oh, trust me, I tried to come up with a "moral" to the story, but my
head started hurting. So I'll let you figure that out. And if you
would somehow make sure this lovely incident does not get out to
President Cooke, that would be much appreciated as well :)

I think for times sake, I will stop here for today. We'll save the
other story for next week. Well family, it's been real.

I love you a whole lot.
Sister Graff

PS--The Elders will be receiving a peachy voicemail about making sure
they LOCK THEIR DOOR the next time they feel like going out to play

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