Saturday, January 26, 2013

MTC Week 2!

Hello Hello Everybody!!

I don't have long, but I will try to fit in as much as I can!  First of all, it was so good to hear from each of you!!  Those Dear "Sister" letters really made my day!

Well last Saturday, we went to the temple right after I sent my email and it was so wonderful.  We're going again today in a few hours.  It was such a neat experience and I am learning so much each new time I attend.  There is such a sweet special spirit there, and it is one of my favorite things I look forward to in the week.  Little kids, don't forget the words to the song "I Love to See the Temple".  You have been taught the importance of it from such a young age, and always remember to live so that you can go there someday like the song says.  It will bless your life, I promise.

So since my last letter, my companion and I have met with six new investigators--what an awesome experience!!  We have the opportunity to teach certain individuals who put themselves in nonmembers' shoes, and some are truly inactive or not part of the church.  A little nerve wracking I must say, but each visit has been such an eyeopener.  As a companionship we can really feel when we are in sync with each other or not.  We know when we have adequately prepared and when we haven't.  So many times, we have prepared a lesson, and then changed it 15 minutes before the meeting because we felt inspired to go a different direction, and the Spirit guided us and made up the difference.  What a cool feeling to take such leaps of faith.

One day last week, Sister Rosemary M. Wixom General Primary President came to visit.  She had us sing primary songs throughout her address to us, which made me totally lose it of course.  And do you know what the first song she had us sing was?  "I Hope they Call me on a Mission."  I was a slurpy mess!  Anyway, she gave a wonderful talk on the humility of children and to "listen to the children" while we were out on our mission.  That they say "powerful things".  Sister Wixom also discussed a lot about the importance of having the Spirit when we teach.  She said the following: "Without the Spirit, you cannot succeed.  With it, you cannot fail."

On Sunday, Elder Evans of the Seventy came wit his wife and spoke of the unique correlation between exact obedience and miracles.  Remind me to tell some of his stories.  They were extremely powerful.

Well I'm running out of time, but want to include a few more things.

Yes, I am going to Temple Square for some Visitor's Center practice before I leave, but am not quite sure when.  I'll let you know.  And family, I also wanted to let you know that I get a phone call before I leave for D.C. when I'm at the airport, so expect a call on February 11 from me!!  I'll email you again as I get closer to that time so you can plan accordingly.  I thought the little kids would be excited about that :)  I still haven't found anyone going to DC yet, but I'm still on the lookout! Carrie to answer your question, we did have the chance to sing Called to Serve, twice. It was so powerful.  Mom and Dad, I'm not sure if you got two emails from me last week, but in one of them, I mentioned that I found a Sister Stowell, and a Sister Bahr.  I remember you told me the names, but now I can't remember the connection to them??  Figures, I'm such a pineapple.  Delaina, if you're reading this, tell Ryan I met a Sister Judd going to Argentina yesterday by the way.  Crazy connections here!

Well, everyone, I need to run, but I want you to know that this gospel's true.  And I love every bit of it.  I'll try to fit in more next week.

Love you all,
Sister Graff

PS--These pictures are from our temple walk on Sunday (1/20).  And Caty I included a pic of our District just for you! ;) 

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