Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DC Week 1!

Hello! Holla! Bonjour! Ciao! Shalom! Talofa! Priviet! and Melolalei!  --From Washington D.C!!!

My, what a busy week it's been. I have such a limited time, and so I just want to skip all the traveling because we all know how mundane that is. Yesterday, we arrived in DC early morning and were instantly greeted by President and Sister Matsumori. Words can't describe their hospitality and genuine kindness, but lets just say, they absolutely spoiled us our first day. I was privileged to ride back to the mission home with them all by myself and we had a lovely conversation. We learned about each others families, and the mission, and our goals, and Sister Matsumori's experience as General Primary President. We talked of Grandma and Grandpa Graff and their service here, and the sweet tender mercies of the Lord, and exchanged many, many laughs in the process. They absolutely treated me as family, which we are.

As we rounded a bend on the 495, I saw it. The DC temple was beautiful. You couldn't miss those majestic white steeples against a sea of brown trees. We drove up and they let me go off on my own for the first and only time on my mission, to have my own "sacred grove" experience. I wandered down the windy path to the backside of the temple facing the highway, although you could hardly see it through all the trees. I walked up the polished stairs and up to the double golden doors. There I knelt and offered up my heart to my Heavenly Father. I won't share much, but it was a sweet, special moment with Him that I will never forget. When I met back up with the President and his wife, they greeted me with smiles. President said that in 18 months...I would now have the opportunity and obligation to "return, and report".  

They then took me to the Visitor Center where I met all the other sisters, as well as Elder Eyring (President Eyring's brother). He remembered me from me endowment session in Salt Lake and we had a lovely reunion.  

My companion is SO wonderful. Her name is Sister Lawrence, and she is from Guam. We will be together for two transfers which will conclude her mission here in DC, so I am her last companion. She is always smiling and laughing and I can tell we are going to be very good friends. I already adore her, and can't wait to learn from her experience, and build some of our own as we work as a companionship. It will be oh so good.

Well it's time for me to go, but I love you all, and will try to write more next time. Today is my P-Day so expect to hear from me again in a week!

The gospel is so true.
Sister Graff   

1. On the way to Temple Square for VC training (2/9/13) 
2. Sister Katelynn Hoyt serving at Temple Square. We roomed up at BYUI my 3rd semester. (2/9/13)
3. My good friend Sister Eryn Anderson! I finally found her on my last day in the MTC. She's serving in the Italy, Rome Mission. (2/10/13)

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  1. Yay! We're so excited that you're finally here! We absoutely LOVE the view of the temple from the 495. Hope to see you soon, Hun!