Friday, February 8, 2013

MTC Week 4!

Hello for the last time from the MTC!

Surprise! P-day was switched to Friday this week because of our new Visitor Center training schedule.  We had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake on Wednesday for training at Temple Square.  We're going again tomorrow; I'll be sure to include some pictures next week.  May I just say, I am so thrilled to have received letters from so many of you!!  They make my day, and I apologize if I haven't had the chance to respond to some, but know that I greatly appreciate every word of encouragement, classic poem, and scripture reference you give!  Truly means a lot.

Well, this last week has been so good.  Before the 800 new missionaries arrived on Wednesday, we had the opportunity to say goodbye to all of our dear friends who departed into the field.  Sister Garrick and I are now the last two missionaries from our original zone, (since we had so stay an extra week for Visitor Center training).  There were many handshakes and letters and addresses exchanged but my favorite part was Tuesday night.  Our District had left that morning for Pocatello, and the rest left the next morning to Richmond, Virginia. Well Tuesday evening after the devotional, we had a small 7-person reflection meeting with those that were left (Sister Garrick and myself, Sisters Egbert, George, and Stowell, and Elders Olive and Hitesman).  We each shared our testimonies, why we chose to serve, and what we were most excited for.  Afterwards...the Elders gave each of us a blessing.  I had never received a blessing from anyone but Daddy before. The spirit was so strong in these young Elders, and as soon as they began speaking, I instantly felt the power of the priesthood.  These young men were the epitome of vessels of the Lord.  They spoke with such power and wisdom.  They blessed me with health and the ability to love everyone I meet.  They talked a lot of Christ-like compassion, and love.  Sister Egbert wrote it down, so maybe I'll read it to you when I call from the airport.  I expressed my gratitude to both of them, confiding in them that if my Dad were there, he would do the same thing, and since he wasn't...I couldn't express to them what their worthiness meant to me; that they could, by that same priesthood power, bless me on this mission as my own father did. It was extremely powerful and sweet.

At the Tuesday fireside, Benson L. Porter Of the Seventy said the following concerning testimonies and missionary work: "Your witness will come.  And you will know it.  And you will feel it.  And you will want to share it."  My witness has come.  I know it.  I feel it.  And I want to share it.
You all mean so much to me.  Thank you for all your support and love.  By my next email, I'll be in the heart of our nation.  We learned from one of our devotionals that for generations now, layers and layers of seeds have been planted in the field. is our lucky task to harvest them.  And I can't wait. I can't wait.


Sister Graff

PS--Grandma those cookies were such a "sweet" surprise, and they came at just the right time too.  I received your package the evening we said goodbye to all our Elders, and let's just say, everyone had the chance to taste some homemade Grandma cookies!  It made everyone feel at home, so thank you.  


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