Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DC Week 15!

This week, Heavenly Father has been showing me how to work. How to really work.
Sister Nakatsuka and I have had a number of opportunities for service among the less actives in our area. On Friday, we got up early and went to Annecia Farello's home. She is a young single mom, and only joined the church for her husband.  After the divorce, she didn't see much reason to continue coming and quickly fell away.  We had tried to make some sort of contact with her, but had no luck for months, and decided to give it some time. Well we had gotten a call from Brother and Sister Just on Thursday night saying that they were finally able to make contact with her, and that she needed some help. So we went over and turns out she had a "lake" forming in her backyard from the sloped hill on her property and the run off from the rain was beginning to leak into her basement.  So we dug a "trench" or "moat" of sorts that led from her back yard, clear to the front of her property to create a path for the water to go. It was about knee deep and 50 feet long. Now, I know that's no water well, Dad, but it sure felt good to use a shovel as well as many muscles I didn't know I had--we sure felt the soreness the next day.  But man, it was good to just get dirty, and know you did something good for someone else. 

On Monday, we went around visiting some of the older people in the ward in rest homes around White Oak. One of those women included a severely disabled widow by name of Paget--or "Pagie".  She has suffered three strokes over the course of her life and is now bedridden and completely paralyzed on her right side. We have paid her several visits and enjoyed talking about better times with her.  Times about when she used to live in Europe and her dad would give her and her sister 20 bucks and say "Go have a day in Rome". "Ahh," she would say, "...those were the days."

Well, Pagie has a "roommate". An even older Indian woman who is quadriplegic. She has no way of moving except some small muscles in her face. She would lie there, motionless and blink now and then. If she wanted to get someone's attention, she would make a faint clicking noise with her tongue in anxious beckoning for any listeners to come and help her with something. On Monday, she caught my attention, and once I walked over to her she eagerly mouthed to me "bathroom". To which I nodded and proceeded to find someone who could help. None of the nurses would make themselves available to help, and the few I could catch simply said, "She'll have to wait, she's got a diaper." They weren't occupied with anything else. I saw one of them sitting in the hall...texting. After sitting back down with Pagie, having failed at bringing the help I promised her I would get, every "click" struck deep within me.  I wanted to cry, but I couldn't let myself do that in front of Pagie and her sister (who isn't a member). I tried so hard to focus on the scrap-booking they were showing me and sister Nakatsuka, but all I could think about was the neglect, and the insane idea that it was "normal". Before leaving, Sister Nakatsuka and I decided to sing "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". The Spirit came. And the clicking stopped. Before leaving the male nurse finally came to help. He bent down to our desperate neighbor, nodded, then turned to us as we left and said, "You two, yeah you two girls...she likes you. She said to come back to visit her again." Smiling back at her, we waved goodbye to our new friend.  We walked out the door, and I let the tears finally flow. 

I have such a growing testimony of God's love for all of His children. Remember that no one is exempt. No one is exempt...

Love you all,
Sister Graff  
PS--Remember to keep the Monsons in your prayers. Funeral services for Sister Monson should be broadcast on this week...
1. Zone activity!
2. So. Humid.

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