Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DC Week 16!

Hello family!

It's been a great week. On the temporal side of things, we've been having some funky weather lately, (major thunder and lightening storms--little kids you would love it) and I was sick yesterday, (just a 24 hr bug) but the great thing is that somehow the work just keeps on going! It cannot be stopped.

Well, it is so great to see the excitement of our members as they begin to see the fun side of missionary work. They can hardly contain themselves when we will invite them to teach a lesson with us. It's awesome. 

Quick story. The other day, we called Sister Moorman, (Yes, can you believe it?? A extremely passionate convert of seven years from Barbados. She has no qualms about sharing her testimony loud and proud), to have her sit in on a lesson with a new investigator of ours, Mary--Sister Nakatsuka said she kind of reminds her of Dory from Finding Nemo. I agree. Anyway, well we were running late to our appointment, and as soon as we pulled up to the lockwood complexes we saw Sister Moorman's bright red car. She, on the other hand, was not in it. "Uh-oh", we simultaneously said, as we hesitantly looked at each other. I asked Sister Nakatsuka if she had texted Sister Moorman Mary's address. With a comedic/ ashamed look on her face, she replied, "Oh I did, Sister Graff. I did. I texted her #T1!" We said a quick prayer before getting out, and hurried down the hillside to Mary's apartment and quickly knocked on the door. Sure enough, Sister Moorman answered. "Well hi girls! Where have you been?? We've been waiting for you!" She exclaimed in her thick accent. We entered only to find that they had become the best of friends in the last seven minutes. We hesitantly laughed and dove in with our lesson about the Restoration. Mary is golden, and we already have a return appointment. Oh how we do love Sister Moorman.
Well it's that time. Sorry to be quick. Love each of you to pieces!

Sister Graff
Ether 15:3--Don't begin to repent once you realize it's too late. Heed the prophets council NOW.

1. Tornado and flash flood warning...
2. ...
3. ...
4. Brusters! Went on exchanges with Sister Balls. Homemade ice cream made fresh daily. I got a scoop of "Grahm Central Station".
5. Pagie, Love her.
6. Eating banana cupcakes from the Clarks while tracting. Not as good as Grandma's.
7. The former "Sister Farley". She served here when Grandpa and Grandma were Mission Presidents. Sweet story. Her father actually passed away about three months before she went home...Grandpa was the one to inform her of it.  They had been out for about six months at the time.
8. Jordyn! She's getting baptized on the 9th!

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