Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DC Week 18!

Jordyn Reed got baptized! 

She's an adorable 10-yr-old girl that we've been working with for the last several months. Her family is part-member, but has been coming back to church as we have re-fellow-shipped them and established solid relationships. Well, ironically enough, everything that could have gone wrong that day, did. Yet, somehow--and I don't know why I continue to be surprised--it all worked out. Heavenly Father has a plan for her, and it can not be frustrated by the futile attempts and distractions of the adversary. Her father and grandparents are not members, but were all at her baptism. Afterwards, Sister Reed told me her husband wants to be baptized. Oh happy day. So exciting to see the work progressing... 
Today is transfer day. I am leaving White Oak, going to Laurel which is just east by about twenty minutes. My companions are Sister Bowman (from Kansas) and Sister Tembo (from Zambia). Yes, we are a trio! Oh what fun we will have this transfer! We are all very excited to be working together. I am anxious to discover new avenues and angles we can take in this work.

In other news... 
Happy Father's day this week!--Expect a letter :) 
Welcome home, Elder Starr! What an exemplary missionary...I've learned so much from you. 

And Carly, I sure have no doubt your farewell talk went well on Sunday. Can't believe you report in a week! I am honored to serve together as "Sisters" :) 
I will also be praying for little Ashy this week... 

Oh I love you all so much.
More next week,
Sister Graff

Moroni 9:6 ~Let us labor diligently... 

1. Asian market--she was in heaven.
2. Night of Music and Inspiration--power was out downstairs, so we went on with the show on our crowded main floor. Such a humble, but strong spirit.
3. Singing The Lord is my Shepherd with Sisters Clement, Carcamo, Nakasuka, Shaw, and Chappel.
4. Tracting in the rain...
5. Kady's baby boy, Idrissa. 
6. Visiting the Antique shops in Kensington. 
7. Not yet.

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