Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DC Week 19-20!

Please forgive my lack of updates these last couple weeks...

This transfer is turning out to be not too shabby. My companions are wonderful. Sometimes it takes a try or twelve to figure things out, but when we get it right, the results are so rewarding.  I love Laurel. The people are very similar to White Oak. Lots of Africans and Hispanics. I love them so much! My Spanish is slowly improving. Yesterday I talked with a few ladies (7th Day Adventist) from El Salvador for a while and got their contact info to send the Spanish missionaries. Sometimes I feel the Lord is teasing me by sprinkling Hispanics in my path, only so I can send them to someone else... Irritating sometimes, but I know I am where I need to be for now. The Lord sure does have a sense of humor though...

Well lets see...I always think of a million and a half things I want to share during the week, and somehow seem to manage to forget them all once I'm on the clock...

At our last transfer meeting, we said goodbye to President and Sister Matsumori. We love them dearly, and they have truly made lasting impacts in the mission. But as Mission Presidents tend to do, they leave for home this week. In their last email to us they said:

If you want your mission (and life) to be rewarding and enjoyable, YOU must assume responsibility to make it so. Likewise, if you are not enjoying your life's situation, it's your fault. You are an agent to act, not an object to be acted upon. You can choose to be happy, regardless of the situation – your attitude determines your altitude.

If there's one thing I'm beginning to learn this transfer, it is accountability. Not sure how or why, but this has been something of an overlooked aspect in my life. Somehow, it always falls through the cracks. I refuse to let that happen anymore. We have a very specific and significant responsibility. "Our authority is above that of the Kings of the earth..." ~Bruce R. McConkie. There is no room for selfish thoughts. I have a growing testimony of qualifying for the Spirit. It's tricky. It's a constant struggle...but maybe that's not necessarily a bad "struggle" for the Spirit. Think about it... 

Hope you have all had a fantastic week! Carly, we are officially serving together!! Couldn't feel more privileged.

Love you all!

Sister Graff
1Nephi 17:3

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