Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DC Weeks 38-39!

November 4, 2013

You are all so wonderful!!  Can I just tell you that??  Thank you so much for everything "birthday".  It was perfect.  I consider myself one of the luckiest people in this big wide world to have each of you in my life!  Just hope ya’ know.  

So lately we have been doing a lot of service.  Everything from ripping up tile floors, to raking leaves, to painting faces :)  The good thing is that many miracles have come from it.  Makes you think about Ammon with King Lamoni, huh? Before he could just waltz through the front doors and start teaching the Plan of Salvation to a bunch of hardhearted Lamanites (even though it was true), he first served.  I mean it makes sense.  He could have just started preaching...but decided to take a more creative route.  And way to go, Ammon, because just consider the "number of his sheaves" that he reaped because of it!  He was smart.  He first loved the people.  And he first served His God, by serving them.  I like it.  So I think I will try to implement this more into my missionary work here.  See what happens, ya know?  I'll follow up with you on that.

Family, I love you.  Do everything you can to be missionaries were you are...in your own capacities... There are individuals prepared by God...who are just waiting. 

Until next week :)

Hermana Graff

Alma 17:11 ~How can we apply this today? 


1. Oh, it's fall...

2. So I had options, you see.

3. She got really creative :)

4. ...

More pictures later...

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