Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pictures-- DC Week 41

1. Jullian. This precious little boy who reminds me of Adam. Well he came up to me at the face painting booth and asked if I would paint "A race car!" on his face. After attempt one (which was a sad attempt in my book, haha) I noticed him getting back in line for round 2. When he came up to me again, he then smiled all cute and pleading and said, "I want ANOTHER race car racing the first one!!!" How could I turn him down? :) Beautiful, ain't it?
2. La Familia Gomez-Lopez
3. Look who came!
4. Fall 1
5. Fall 2
6. Temple!
7. Isn't it beautiful?? (PS the boxes behind me were just a bunch of stereos. I liked mine a whole lot better ;) 
8. Mission Conference. (Got to meet Elder Zwick of the Seventy).


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