Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DC Week 40!

November 16, 2013

Oh, how I love this time of year!!!

 There’s just something in the air—besides dying leaves and Canadian geese flying south for the winter!  Let me fill you in on some of the festivities: So the day after Halloween, we came into the VC early for our weekly training meeting and lo and behold, they had already begun stringing lights and garlands!  When you walk into the center, you seriously must stop.  Double take.  And think, “Golly, I thought I was walking inside??”  It’s like a grove with all the Christmas trees they’ve put up!  I’ll have to send some pictures later on, (but first I need to take them).  The trees outside are just as magnificent!!  Well, actually they were at their peak right around my birthday.  Everywhere you looked, the world was just on FIRE with color!  Oh I really must love being a missionary, because if it were all up to me, I would give anything to just lay down a nice big blanket and have a painting session all day long with just me and the nature and the Lord… Probably a good thing they keep us busy with more important things haha.  Well anyway, most of the leaves are gone now.  Starting to look a lot like it did when I started my mission… Weird.  Let’s see…what else…? Oh!  All the squirrels are a lot fatter than they used to be back in the spring. –Yeah that was a waste of a line.  Okay moving on…

 So on Sunday, I had the privilege of singing in another Night of Music and Inspiration at the Visitor Center.  It was so much fun!  The theme was “Do as ye have seen me do”.  Everything was on service.  So. Awesome.  Although there were a lot of technical issues (poor Sister Nakatsuka…she was the one in charge of this month’s performance), the Spirit was still there. And we had a full house too!!  That’s always fun.  Should be twice that busy every night for Festival of Lights.  It runs all through the month of December. –More on that as it comes.

 Bueno…mi espanol esta mejorando cada dia que estoy aquí!  Ahora, puedo hablar sin miedo (o menos que antes jaja) y mi vocabulario esta creciendo también.  Entonces, ahora, puedo ensenar casi cada lección de Predicad Mi Evangelio y muchos otros principios de la iglesia.  Las cosas mas difíciles son esas conversaciones en la calle sobre cosas mas generales, o cosas del mundo jaja.  Pero todavía es divertido tratar a tener una experiencia linda con ellos, o por lo menos, compartir mi testimonio corto J  Es una processa, pero estoy agradecida por esta oportunidad tan grande que mi Padre Celestial me ha dado… esta cambiando mi vida…para siempre.  Y de verdad…tengo un amor por la gente aquí que no puedo explicar…no en español, ni ingles…es algo mas grande de eso que solo siento en mi corazón.  Pero tengo un testimonio de esta obra. Que es la obra de Dios.  Que tenemos la oportunidad ser un poquito parte de eso…pero que marvillosa, no?  Tenemos algo especial…y tenemos que compartirlo con el mundo!  Ahorita es el tiempo actuar!  O familia…sabemos que…si, podamos ser sellados con nuestra familia para siempre…pero que tal todo los demás…?  Que tal de ellos…?  Necesitan este Evangelio tambien…y es nuestro propósito ser misioneros.  Ahora.  En cada momento. Tiren su miedo! …Y ser dicipulos de Cristo.

 Well, to come full circle, I hope you can each feel the sweet spirit in the air this time of year. Remember to be extra good!  More importantly, remember to do it for the right reasons.  Don’t waste your time doing good things just to do them—that’s silly!  But do them out of love.  Real, Christlike love…

I am so proud of each of you…I want you to know that I think of you, and pray for you often. You have all played such an integral role in my life up to now…and I would not be the same person without each one of you in my life!

More next week!

Hermana Graff

Alma 29:9  

PS—La próxima semana, espero que pueda contarles mas de mis investigadores, y los miembros aquí. Hace mucho tiempo desde he compartido cosas asi. Disculpeme! O!  Y fotos tambien!! ;)

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