Monday, March 10, 2014

DC Week 43!

DC Week 43!-- Dec 2, 2013

 Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!
I am sending you out a card today so be looking for it this week :)
So family, is anyone getting excited for Christmas?? Can you believe it's already December? I certainly can't. I find it super weird that everything is beginning to look exactly how it did when I came leaves...Jack Frost nippin' at your nose...stuff like that... :)
Well I wanted to send off some pictures, but the computer here at this little library was being ridiculously slow, so that took up the majority of my time, darn it.
In short news, tonight is Ambassador Night at the VC, which means that it is the only night of the year when it is closed to public. Ambassadors come from all over the world with their families for a banquet, and all sorts of other festivities such as kicking off the lighting ceremony for Festival which lasts until the first of January. The honored guest this year is the ambassador from Switzerland (where Elder Eyring served his mission). And the apostle who will be in attendance is Elder Christofferson.  I will send pictures next week, promise! Wish me luck! Don't want to trip or anything. I totally would, haha.
Until next week!
Hermana Graff
Alma 30:8

1. Saying goodbye to one of our Visa waiters, Sister Jorgenson. She has been with us since the summer waiting to go to Brazil. Finally got the green light. It was so cruel. They let us get attached and then send her on her way! She will touch so many lives down in South America :)
2. Goodbye Elder Messerole (Our District/Thanksgiving/"Death" picture)
3. Our little three-foot tree :) Found it in a box on our balcony. I set it up one night while Sister Clement was in bed sick. So. Much. Dust. I am still sneezing haha.
4. Just made me laugh. Reminded me of that time we got those lobster grams. Oh, the horror....
5. We also found a strand of lights. You never know what kinds of fun things you can find in a missionaries apartment. So I strung them in our study room. Don't ask me what it's supposed to look like. I actually have no idea what I was going for. Looks a tad like something from Whoville.

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