Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DC Week 50!-- January 20, 2014

DC Week 50!-- January 20, 2014

Holy Moly!! What a good day (and it's only 11 am!!)

Okay first off, this is going to be a quicky!--#tryingtobebetter...
Just a few things:
  • Grandma Happy Birthday TODAY!!!! I love you so much! --Look for something in the mail soon, I'm sending it out today :)
  • When I opened my inbox today, I had a little surprise from our dear Anita Maisterrena! You dorks never told me you went to her baptism back in April!! AND THAT SHE'S RELATED TO US ON THE SPANISH SIDE?? Well maybe you did and I overlooked it haha. I would do something like that. Anyway, it was so cool to find out. I had tears in my eyes. Timing is everything. It is so sweet to see the Lords hand even (or especially) among your own blood relatives. This work will never stop going forth! 
Well, I'm not sure what to include about this week as far as details. We worked hard. We found some hidden condominiums that we didn't know existed in our area and did some old-fashioned tracting, (man I was rusty haha). After these last several months being spent almost entirely in the VC from the holidays and then with all this new push on media proselyting, it felt good to get out and bruise your knuckles/get rejected from knocking doors again. Made me feel like a real missionary :) Especially because I know that's the way Christ did it...He already paved the way for all of us in this great and marvelous work. #wehavenoexcuses. 

Family, I hope you know how happy I am. There is nothing I would rather be doing right now. Honestly. I LOVE being a missionary! I do. I love this work! I am not even bragging when I say with boldness that it is the best in the world. The very very best. It is the best thing any of us could be doing really... Every week, every month I'm here, well, it just flies by as if it were a day...But then I realize that time has passed. Time that won't come back no matter what I do. It's actually really hard. Really hard because I'm beginning to realize that missions don't last forever. 

No matter, I'm just going to soak up every minute that I can while I'm here--and when I come home I'll just coerce all of you into 6:30 AM studies with me--MUAHAHA. ;)

Tengo que correr!
Les amo muchisimo!! <3

Hermana Graff
3 Nefi 27:30     

1. We joined the Mujeres Jovenes for mutual (spiritual thought on divine nature and individual worth--then we did our hair like the princesses we are haha) They just attacked me and my companion. It was fun to let them have fun with it :) I still feel that age!!
2. Guatemalan treats.


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