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DC Week 44!-- December 9, 2013

DC Week 44!—December 9, 2013
Festival is upon us!! Oh it is SO much fun, and super draining. I think my body is a tad confused. Not quite sure how I feel haha! You just go! Go! Go!... And then pretty much crash at the end of the night. Best feeling in the world. To feel all used up :)
Well, yesterday, we had our first snowfall of the season! Oh it is so beautiful here! I love when the world is coated in white. Everything just looks fresh and clean. It's my favorite. I would always rather be cold than hot--plus it gives you the excuse to bundle up and drink a steaming mug of "Abuelita's" (the best hot chocolate in the world). Well, because of the humidity out here, it does weird things to the roads when you throw ice into the mix, and it doesn't take that much to start fish-tailing. That's why the schools all close if there's even half an inch of snow. I thought it was a little pansy-ish, but they just want to be safe I guess. Well, for that same reason, we got the call out from President to return home after Sacrament meeting yesterday and spend the night in our apartments. So Sister Clement and I obediently went home, and made cookies and sang, and watched whatever LDS Christmas movies we could find in our tiny apartment. It was so wonderful.
Well, family, I believe it's about that time. Sure hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season of giving. You are all so awesome. More next week!
Hermana Graff
Helaman 3:35 ~Just came across this in my reading last night. I find it interesting that the "sanctification of [our] hearts, [...] cometh [from] yielding [our] hearts unto God."

1. After Ambassador Night with Sister Clement.
2. Lights!
3. Cheeburger Cheeburger, haha. (Plan B for lunch actually ending up being not so bad).
4. Mason jars! It was this cute little 50's diner. Complete with classic model cars lining the walls, shakes and malts, fluorescent lights, and music that just made you want to boogie.
5. Surprise visit from Kady Kortu!! She brought Susu and Dalton! It had been more than half a years since I had seen them! Sister Nakatsuka and I were in heaven.
6. "I wanna wash my hands, my hair, and face with snooow!" 

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