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DC Week 54!-- February 17, 2014

DC Week 54!-- February 17, 2014

Got the call from President on Thursday that I will be getting a
greenie next transfer! With 18 weeks left on the mish, I am excited to
be able to finally train!! Not sure at this point if she will be
native Hispanic, or if I will have the lucky chance to try to teach
her all the EspaƱol I know. Pray for me family, I'll need it for sure.
We've got a good thing going in the ward right now, and I don't want
to slow the progress of the people we are currently working with,
neither neglect the needs of my new companion. It'll be fun to try to
balance that next transfer. I guess there will be certain bridges we
won't cross 'till we get to them. More on that as the weeks go by...

Gosh it's been a good six weeks. (Side-note: I've loved being the only
American among my companion and roommates, haha. K-House Apartment #616 currently represents the countries of Guatemala, Estonia, Germany, and America. I guess you could say our everyday conversations
get pretty colorful. Between Spanglish, Estonian, German, and occasionally some French, we usually find ourselves laughing and learning new things every day. The culture clash makes even the little mundane things you wouldn't think about exciting. How we dress, eat, talk, think, senses of humor, etc... Then try throwing missionary work into the mix and the equation gets even better :)

It's been a quick six weeks too. Even still, I feel it was so
necessary. There are always things you learn to "fine-tune" your
character. Throughout my mission so far, each transfer has a theme, or
"lesson to be learned". I guess for me, this transfer was about being
chastened, and learning to accept constructive criticism. Not just
from my companion, or fellow missionaries, but from my Heavenly Father
as well. We'll especially from Him. He helped me become I---I
<<-----that much more of a better person. But it's still made a
difference. I can feel it. Sometimes it's hard to receive criticism
from others, because the natural man or woman inside of each of us
tends to jump to conclusions, and assume its a personal attack. More
often than not, that's false. But this big dumb thing called pride,
often gets in the way of us accepting the advice or whatever, and
becoming a better person. I've definitely struggled with this these
last several weeks. Pretty sure we all have before. And that's okay.
We're definitely not perfect. But hey family, why not try to see what
could happen if we ALLOWED ourselves to change...I mean if we really
try to listen to those subtle nudges, and "chastenings" from those we
love, and especially our Heavenly Father, huh? Maybe there could
actually be something to GAIN from it...now there's a thought.
Time to run to the VC. Got shift tonight. It's been a good day. I'm
feeling happy :) Oh, and also, I kind of like being a missionary. Like, a LOT.

Love you all.
Sister Graff :)

1. Peruvian!
2. Bye Hermana Clement :(
3. Singing Feliz Cumple to our ward mission leader with the Elders. (Notice the candle--we just took a guess and decided to be nice :)
4. Just because.

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